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Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy

Missing In Action(1984) [EXCLUSIVE]

World premiere of original soundtrack from Joseph Zito Vietnam POW action movie with Chuck Norris. First film in franchise (albeit second one filmed) carries pulsating action score by Jay Chattaway. Chattaway has unique scoring method, creates lengthy rhythm foundations & sustained ideas, then writes multiple layers of melodic & harmonic material above that can be mixed together or used as separate ideas onto themselves. Other times sparse foundations simply play alone. Stark, dramatic scoring! Numerous layers of orchestra & electronics were recorded separately and even though masters had been handled a lot, tracked into other productions, stored in multiple locations and showed the signs of wear, happily all individual layers survived intact for our CD. Ironically, all 24-track elements were mixed down to mono and preserved in that format only (as was film itself) so our CD features complete 74-minute score in mono. That said, several cues were re-mixed into multi-track stereo in 1984 for re-use in subsequent features and will appear on upcoming stereo CD of Chattaway's complete Braddock: Missing In Action III soundtrack. So collect 'em all! Jay Chattaway conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1000 copiesRate this AlbumClick starsto rate.Missing Information?If any information appears to be missing from this page, contact us and let us know!

Missing in Action(1984)

This action arose from the following uncontested facts. On April 30, 1977, the Memphis Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (hereinafter referred to as "the Church") sponsored a camping trip to the Sardis Reservoir located in the State of Mississippi for some of the children who attend the Sunday school of the Church. The campers included Michael Cosper, a Tennessee resident who was the son of the plaintiff, Essie Faye Eggensperger, and the brother of the plaintiff, Joyce Ann Cosper. The plaintiffs allege that the camping trip was organized by the defendant Allred, acting in his capacity as Bishop of the Memphis Stake of the Church. The plaintiffs further allege that the defendant Allred was instructed by Mrs. Eggensperger that Michael Cosper could not swim and should not be allowed near the water. This instruction concerning Cosper was also allegedly given to the other individual defendants, who were the chaperones of the camping trip. The defendant Allred did not go on the camping trip but stayed in the State of Tennessee to attend to his regular duties with the Church. The record shows that sometime after the children and the chaperones arrived at the Sardis Reservoir, some of the chaperones noticed that Michael Cosper was missing and began a search for the child. After the chaperones were unable to locate Cosper, the defendant Allred was called and advised of the child's disappearance. The record shows that upon notification of this occurrence, the defendant Allred left the State of Tennessee and came to Sardis Reservoir in Mississippi to assist in the search for the missing child. After the search was unsuccessful, the defendant Allred telephoned the parents of the missing child and advised them of the situation. The most dreaded implications of the child's disappearance materialized when his body was found floating in the reservoir several days later. The plaintiffs have filed this wrongful death action against the Church, a Utah corporation with its principal place of business in Salt Lake City, Utah, the defendant Allred in his individual capacity and in his capacity as Bishop of the Church at the time, and the individual chaperones who accompanied the children to Sardis. This action was originally filed in the Circuit Court of Panola *378 County, Mississippi, and subsequently was removed to this court by the Church on diversity grounds. 041b061a72


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