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Healslut Free Download ((FULL))

This update contains content addition for the 'free-use' route that Sparkle can agree to while serving as 'loot puppy' and therefore will only appeal to those interested in those paths and activities. But worry not, the next big update will include more comprehensive content for the various dominant and submissive paths!

Healslut Free Download

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Now, I downloaded this game for the first time a year and a half ago, played it for 10 minutes, and immediately uninstalled. I straight up hated it. The "nerd" character was abrasive to say the least (there's even an off-handed comment later in the game that implies they're autistic, and I just find that to be in poor taste as an actually autistic person, because their behavior is more like a bonafide sociopath than an autistic person) I mean... seriously, every interaction the character has in real-life is BAD. Just, genuinely downright terrible. It's almost the entire reason I give this game less than a 9. If you've played it, you know what I'm talking about, and it makes no sense to me how there seems to be little to zero character development in the IRL player by the time they meet Jane/Janie. Like, I sat there feeling genuinely terrible while the main character berates and insults practically everyone they interact with. Like, saying "fuck you" for no reason to the burger girl. WHY? I gave the game a second chance because I saw I could play with the "nerdette" Simone, thinking it would be better, and it *kiiind* of was? I guess? But still, it was really bad. If I had one serious recommendation for the creator of this game, it would be to make simon/simone more like an actual person, than this like... idk, trope of anxiety and bitterness?

The game gives you a lot more options for customization now than it did when I originally played as well. You can be a futa, trap, or regular ol' healslut, and knowing which you're getting is straightforward and changable. You can even use the redhead "backup" model (my personal fave) although it will sometimes glitch a scene (especially on the pirate ship with the blanket or sword). You even choose your spells, which have different situational advantages/disadvantages, and if you choose the fairy spell, you can customize that a bit too. Very very nice attention to detail there.

Overall, I'd really recommend this game to anyone who likes the long-form more plot-driven games, especially those that enjoy CYOA RPG elements. Just don't expect a lot of graphic sex scenes. I honestly expected more of them from a game where most people are partially nude, and my guess would be that a lot of them only really appear on the "free-use" path, which is just too rapey for me to stomach, but still... More harem content please!

Really great game so far with some very clever dialogue. I rarely lol in games. Considering the rarity of fem-protag games of this sort, I'm wondering if there will be more options for Sparkle to get with masculinely built men though without selecting the free-use option. Or alternately, at least adding a potential bi group path to the Lel romance option. Biggest let-down in game so far was in finally getting to an appealing, physically masculine M (Roar) for Sparkle (and Lel), near the end of the content, only for it to turn into nothing when one/both walked over. Since Lel obviously has a "type", throwing in some hot M randos they can enjoy together at various ports and taverns would scratch that itch for all the players - female, male and trans - who it appeals to. Other than the few quick back-alley deals with several random disappointing creeps and a one-off with mentally-subservient Champ, the vast majority of content seems to be with lesbian/trans/sissy partners. (I know Kayden might be an option, but he's physically effeminate/boyish... on top of being a little twat. Definitely a niche appeal). As great as the game is so far, in the lewd realm, I'd say that less than half of your potential audience is being served. Adding some hot, confident, even cocky, masculine-framed men would be a great way to "fill that hole" for them all. There's a bunch of traditionally hot fems - some with peens, some without. Not so much in the male dept though. IMO, especially for a female protagonist game, it's very much needed. Though great job, regardless.TLDR: Variety of hot, masculine males for protagonist sorely lacking, espec in a fem-protag game. The one-off with Champ (nice but subservient dolt) and potential with Kayden (effeminate face and build, looks 15), aren't really much to work with. All other aspects are great, but that's a big one, pun sort-of intended.

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