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Dynasty Warrior 5 Special English Patch

Dynasty Warriors 5 Special English Patch

Dynasty Warriors 5 is a hack and slash video game developed by Omega Force and published by Koei in 2005. It is the fifth installment in the Dynasty Warriors series, which is based on the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. The game features 48 playable characters, each with their own unique weapons, skills, and stories. The game also has several modes, such as Musou Mode, Free Mode, Challenge Mode, and Edit Mode.

Dynasty Warriors 5 Special is an enhanced version of Dynasty Warriors 5 that was released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in 2005. It includes all the content from the original game, as well as some new features, such as:


  • A new difficulty level called "Chaos", which is harder than "Hard".

  • A new mode called "Destiny Mode", which allows the player to create their own custom character and follow one of the four main factions in the game.

  • A new mode called "Legend Mode", which consists of eight scenarios that are based on historical events or fictional stories from the novel.

  • A new mode called "Xtreme Mode", which is a survival mode where the player has to fight through endless waves of enemies with limited resources.

  • New items, weapons, costumes, and stages.

However, Dynasty Warriors 5 Special was never released outside of Japan, and there is no official English translation for the game. Fortunately, there are some fan-made patches that can enable English subtitles and menus for the game. One of them is the Dynasty Warriors 5 XL Complete Edition patch by Undub Preservation Project . This patch not only adds English subtitles and menus, but also replaces the English voice acting with the original Japanese voice acting. It also includes an optional patch for more aggressive AI, which makes the enemies more challenging and realistic. The patch requires a PS2 emulator such as PCSX2 to run the game on PC.

Another patch is the Dynasty Warriors 5 Special Undub patch by br4zil . This patch also adds English subtitles and menus, and restores the Japanese voice acting. However, it does not include the aggressive AI patch or the high quality FMV pack. The patch also requires a PS2 emulator to run the game on PC.

Both patches are available for download from their respective links . To apply the patches, the user needs to have a copy of the original Dynasty Warriors 5 Special ISO file, which can be obtained from various sources online. The user also needs to follow the instructions provided by the patch creators to ensure a successful installation.

Dynasty Warriors 5 Special is a great game for fans of the series who want to experience more content and features. With these fan-made patches, they can also enjoy the game in English and with better voice acting. However, these patches are unofficial and may have some bugs or glitches. Therefore, they should be used at the user's own risk.

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