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Reyner Banham and the Megastructure Concept

Megastructure is a term that refers to a large-scale architectural form that can accommodate multiple functions, contexts, and adaptations. The concept of megastructure emerged in the 1960s as a response to the urban challenges of the post-war era, such as population growth, environmental degradation, social fragmentation, and technological innovation. Megastructure was seen as a way to create flexible, adaptable, and futuristic urban environments that could transcend the limitations of conventional building types and planning methods.

One of the most influential and original thinkers on the topic of megastructure was Reyner Banham, a British architectural historian and critic. Banham was fascinated by the visionary and experimental aspects of megastructure, as well as its connections to the history and culture of modern architecture. In his 1976 book Megastructure: Urban Futures of the Recent Past, Banham traced the origins and development of the megastructure concept, from its antecedents in the works of Le Corbusier and Buckminster Fuller, to its manifestations in the projects of the Japanese Metabolists, Archigram, Yona Friedman, and others. Banham also analyzed the meaning and significance of megastructure in relation to contemporary social, political, and economic issues.

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Banham's book was one of the first comprehensive studies of the megastructure phenomenon, and it remains a classic reference for anyone interested in this topic. The book is richly illustrated with drawings, photographs, diagrams, and models of various megastructural proposals, many of which were never built or only partially realized. Banham also included a glossary of terms related to megastructure, such as extensibility, plug-in, capsule, matrix, frame, grid, etc. The book was originally published by Harper and Row in 1976, but it has been out of print for decades and hard to find. However, a new edition of the book was released by The Monacelli Press in 2020, with a foreword by Todd Gannon and an afterword by Fumihiko Maki.

If you are interested in reading more about Reyner Banham and the megastructure concept, you can find his book online in PDF format at [this link] or [this link]. You can also read an academic paper on megastructures by various authors at [this link].


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