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The Last Of Us: One Night Live

The Last of Us: One Night Live was a single musical by Naughty Dog, based on the storyline of The Last of Us, produced to promote the release of The Last of Us Remastered. Held at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, California on July 28, 2014, the performance feautered a live read of major scenes performed by principal actors with a live performance of the games score provided by composer Gustavo Santaolalla.[1] It was directed by Neil Druckmann and also included a take on the game's alternate ending.[2] The event was also streamed live on Twitch, YouTube, and the PlayStation Live Events Viewer.[1]

The Last of Us: One Night Live

In preparation for One Night Live, Druckmann had the cast "flown in from out of town" to perform for the audience. He ensured they were off script though only had a small amount of time to rehearse with them. They performed segments from Goodnight, baby girl, Twenty Years Later, What if it's true?, Just go, He ain't even hurt, I feel sick, You're welcome, I'm not her and Find Someone Else. They used basic set pieces (such as tables, chairs, and a prop bottle) that resembled a number of scenes, namely, Find Someone Else and Twenty Years Later. In addition, they created a complete set for the "secret ending", providing a bed, a swivel chair, a guitar, a headset and a cassette player, a wall with posters strewn across it and even a door frame for the actors to use.

Druckmann introduced each cinematic scene, providing a short backstory for each one to give the audience, specifically for those who hadn't played the game, an idea of when each scene occurred in context with the story. Although he introduced the actors performing, he only did so after the first scene, Goodnight, baby girl. Due to time constraints regarding acquiring the actors, Druckmann arranged for actress Annie Wersching to stand in their place for certain scenes, establishing "[Tess] hasn't magically come back to life". They also had various images on the screen to display the scenes, as most didn't use many set pieces or props. Gustavo Santaolalla performed numerous music pieces from the game as well. The event was streamed on Twitch, YouTube, and the PlayStation network.

Another, off-script, blooper also occurred regarding Druckmann when he joked that the mike backstage had picked him up asking "where is the dirty magazine" live on the online stream, referring to the prop Johnson later used in He ain't even hurt.[3]

The curtain rises and we see Ellie sitting in what appears to be a normal room for a teenage girl in the post-apocalyptic world, with posters all over the wall, some of which, like 'The Dawn of the Wolf' poster was seen earlier in the game. The bedroom is simple: a bed, cuddly giraffe, nightstand, drawers, lamp, desk, and a swivel chair that Ellie is sitting in. She appears to be writing something as she glances out the window, the light of the moon outside lighting her desk. Ellie is listening to her infamous Walkman and headphones, music playing away.

They both share a little laugh. "That is pretty bad," a smiling Ellie responds. "Yeah, it's one of the worst I've heard," says Joel. "Well, goodnight, Ellie." Joel walks out the door, a little slow to remove his hand from the door frame.

As the title suggests, The Last of Us: One Night Live was a musical night based on The Last of Us storyline. Premiering at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center in 2014, One Night Live reenacted numerous infamous in-game scenes and detailed a handful of missing links that happened during the time jump between The Last of Us and Part 2.

Esther was a minor featured character of this musical event. In fact, she was introduced as Joel's love interest. After running from St. Mary Hospital, Joel and Ellie settled in Jackson with Tommy, and that's how Joel and Esther met for the first time. Tommy linked his brother up with her, and they had some kind of long-distance relationship. "I think she lived out by the dams, by the electric dams, and they kind of had a commuter relationship," co-writer Haley Gross told The Washington Post.

The man you see performing after the One Night Live prologue is not just an ordinary performer. He is Gustavo Santaolalla, an Oscar-winning Argentinian musician and composer known for his work in The Last of Us and its Part 2 sequel. In fact, he has a special cameo in the last game as an NPC playing a ukulele in Jackson. As HBO gears up for The Last of Us series adaptation, Santaolalla is set to compose the original score for the series.

The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog created one final closing scene for the game, and during The Last of Us: One Night Live, yesterday's one-off live performance based on the game's story, the studio presented the epilogue for those in attendance.

Correction: Druckmann commented on the epilogue in a tweet a few days after One Night Live to clarify a few facts. The article above said Naughty Dog "cut" the epilogue from the game, which is inaccurate. Druckmann said he wrote the epilogue specifically for the live performance; it was not part of the original script for The Last of Us, and we've edited the article to reflect this.

The Last of Us Part II took the gaming world by storm upon its release on June 19th, 2020. Games are not made overnight, and Naughty Dog's most recent opus took an especially long time to make with a massive development team. With the seven year gap between the original and the sequel, one can be sure that numerous wild stories occurred during the game's creation.

The last combat encounter of the game ends with Ellie almost drowning Abby at the beach in Santa Barbara. She lets go at the last moment, however, and allows Abby to leave with Lev to Catalina Island. While filming the scene, Laura Bailey, who plays Abby, tried to hold her breath for as long as possible to get into the proper headspace. By her recollection, Ashley Johnson only let go of Laura when she started turning blue.

The general narrative outline remained the same throughout the game's development, but with one major change. Originally, Ellie was going to end Abby's life during the final fight at the beach. However, things changed while talking through how to execute it, and the team ultimately thought it was better for Ellie's character to let Abby live. Some gamers did not like this, while others applaud the bold move.

Last of Us: One Night Live was a live event where the actors got together to act out some of the first game's iconic scenes in front of an audience. They did an additional scene when the cameras turned off however, which eventually morphed into the Joel and Ellie's opening scene in the sequel. The Pearl Jam song "Future Days" first became associated with the game on this night.

Joel hands Ellie the guitar, calling back to his promise during the game to teach her how to play (seen above). After the two say goodnight and Joel leaves the room, Ellie plucks a single note on her new guitar.

Hi guys! :) I figured, as my first post; I'd do a text-based reimagining of the "One Night Live" performance, for the video game of "The Last of Us", by Naughty Dog. This scene wasn't included in the actual game, but was acted out as a live stage drama, during a fan-conference. Unfortunately, this last segment was meant to be a "secret epilogue", so not a lot of fans were able to see it.

For those of you still on board, The Last of Us was the subject of a live theatre event this evening, which was by all accounts pretty special. As part of the presentation, Naughty Dog revealed an extra ending scene written by director Neil Druckmann.

The story of The Last of Us starts around the same time that the game was released. One September night in 2013, we meet our protagonist, Joel. He's an ordinary, if a little rough around the edges, Texan raising a daughter all on his own. Sarah is sweet, gifting him with a new watch after Joel had to work all day on his birthday. This was one of the last moments of peace that Joel would ever have, because the apocalypse was coming. And soon.

In the expansion adventure Left Behind, Ellie and Riley get into an argument and part ways. When Riley disappears from school, Ellie assumes that she was killed. Riley proves that she's alive and well when she suddenly appears in Ellie's room, scaring the snot out of Ellie. It turns out that Riley joined the Fireflies, while Ellie was drafted into the military. The two head over to the mall for old time's sake, and while rooting around there, are able to restore some of the building's power.

They take some selfies in a photobooth and briefly ride a carousel before the good times are over: Riley admits that she's being transferred to another Firefly hideout. They have one last jam session, putting Ellie's Walkman on the mall's audio system. Ellie asks Riley not to leave. Riley drops her Firefly pendant. They kiss.

Then the Runners come. The Infected, attracted by the sound of music, attack them. They both are bitten: a death sentence. Together, they wait to die, but Ellie lives. She is immune, a miracle that Marlene sees as a possible cure. Ellie is all for finding a cure: she's wracked with survivor's guilt over Riley and thus submits herself to whatever plans Marlene has.

In 2033, 20 years after the night he lost his daughter, Joel has become a different person. In those decades, Joel did whatever it took to survive, even if that meant hurting innocent people. As we learn, Joel is actually and unfortunately adept at the brutal skills of torture and killing. Out in the wild, he and Tommy lived as hunters, kill or be killed. After smuggling themselves into the Boston Quarantine Zone, Tommy decided that he couldn't live that way anymore and joined the Fireflies, much to Joel's ire.

That Humvee? It's got some serious firepower. Joel and Ellie manage to get off the streets and into an apartment, but they are not alone. In the apartment is another survival duo, Henry and Sam. Joel nearly kills Henry, but Ellie notices Sam, Henry's 13-year-old brother, with a gun. They were waiting for nightfall, when the gang guarding the bridge out of town would be reduced down to a skeleton crew. They're also looking for Fireflies, so they team up to make a break for a radio tower outside of the city. 041b061a72


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