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Zanuck promised Mature he would keep him away from musicals and stuck to that, casting him in the period thriller Moss Rose; Mature received a $50,000 bonus after shooting completed.[33] His next film was the film noir, Kiss of Death, which had been developed specifically as a vehicle for him.[34] The movie, shot mostly on location in New York, was not a particularly big hit, but was popular, earned Mature some of his best reviews and turned Richard Widmark into a star.

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Mature still had an obligation to make a movie at RKO, which dated from before the war. He was announced for Battleground and before eventually being cast in a serious drama about football, Interference, which became Easy Living in 1949, with Lucille Ball.[38]

While Samson was in postproduction, Paramount used Mature in another film, co-starring with Betty Hutton in Red, Hot and Blue, his first musical in a number of years.[42] It was not particularly popular, and Easy Living was a flop, but Samson and Delilah earned over $12 million during its original run, making it the most popular movie of the 1940s, and responsible for ushering in a cycle of spectacles set in the Ancient World.

In late 1949, Mature was meant to fulfill another commitment at RKO, Alias Mike Fury (the new title for Mr Whiskers). Mature refused to make the movie and was put on suspension by Fox.[44] The script was rewritten and Mature ended up making the film, which was retitled Gambling House.[45]

The Robe had been in development in Hollywood for over a decade. In December 1952, Mature signed to play Demetrius in two movies, The Robe and a sequel, Demetrius and the Gladiators.[56] The films were shot consecutively.[57]

The Robe, the first CinemaScope movie to be released (ahead of How to Marry a Millionaire, which was actually the first film shot in the new process), was an enormous success, one of the most popular movies of all time.[58] Veils of Bagdad was not as popular, but Demetrius and the Gladiators was another hit.

In 1954, Mature signed a two-picture deal with Columbia Pictures, giving him script and co-star approval, at $200,000 a film.[65] The first movie he made under this contract was The Last Frontier (1955).

Mature finally made a movie for his own production company, Romina Productions, in conjunction with United Artists and Batjac Productions: China Doll, directed by Frank Borzage, with whom Mature co-produced. Mature and Borzage announced they would also make The Incorrigibles and Vaults of Heaven.[71]

Mature made another movie for Romina and Batjac, a Western, Escort West. It was released by United Artists, which also distributed Timbuktu, a French Foreign Legion adventure tale that Mature made for producer Edward Small and the director Jacques Tourneur.

Mature was reunited with producer Irwin Allen for The Big Circus, shot in early 1959.[73] He then made his second film for Warwick under his two-picture contract with them, The Bandit of Zhobe, following this with an Italian peplum, aka "sword-and-sandal" movie, Hannibal, with Mature in the title role. It was shot in Italy, as was The Tartars with Orson Welles. Mature then retired from acting.[28]

After five years of retirement, he was lured back into acting by the opportunity to parody himself in After the Fox (1966), co-written by Neil Simon. Mature played "Tony Powell", an aging American actor who is living off his reputation from his earlier body of work. In a similar vein in 1968, he played a giant, The Big Victor, in Head, a movie starring The Monkees. Mature enjoyed the script while admitting it made no sense to him, saying "All I know is it makes me laugh."[citation needed]

He came out of retirement again in 1971 to star in Every Little Crook and Nanny and again in 1976 along with many other former Hollywood stars in Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood. His last feature film appearance was a cameo as a millionaire in Firepower in 1979, while his final acting role was that of Samson's father Manoah in the TV movie Samson and Delilah in 1984. In a 1971 interview, Mature quipped about his decision to retire:

Kiss of Death is a 1947 American film noir directed by Henry Hathaway and written by Ben Hecht and Charles Lederer from a story by Eleazar Lipsky. The story revolves around an ex-con played by Victor Mature and his former partner-in-crime, Tommy Udo (Richard Widmark in his first film). The movie also starred Brian Donlevy and introduced Coleen Gray in her first billed role.[4] The film has received critical praise since its release, with two Academy Award nominations.

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Some 25 years after filming started on his classic coming-of-age movie Stand By Me , director Rob Reiner has created a companion piece, Flipped a school-aged romantic comedy which begins rolling out in theaters Aug. 7. Reiner spoke to TIME about his first crush and his personal bucket list.

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Will you ever do a movie where the man has it all figured out? No, because they never have it figured out. We're running around like idiots until we find a good woman who can tell us what to do. And I've proven it time and time again in my films. From The Sure Thing to When Harry Met Sally . It's the same in Flipped.

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