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[S5E9] The Christmas Tree

Before diving into discussing the case, my favorite scene has to be Steve and Danny going Christmas tree shopping. However, getting a one hundred dollar discount was still out of their price range, and Steve decided it was best they steal a tree instead.

[S5E9] The Christmas Tree

The scene reminded me why these two are one of my favorite male buddy pairs on television, but I do think Danny stole the show. The only reason the duo had to steal a Christmas tree is because Danny waited too long to buy one and was left with slim pickings. Danny's paranoia while Steve was cutting the down the tree was hilarious to watch and so true to his character.

At the end of this installment Danny stole the show again with scenes between him and Grace talking about the Christmas tree. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that the team has lives outside of their work, especially in this episode when they were so close to working through Christmas Day. It was great to see everyone together at the end and celebrating Christmas Eve with a stolen tree. Although Steve and Danny still have to pay that fine (and they should pay it for cutting down a protected tree).

The festive Christmas spirit at the annual White House tree-lighting is dimmed when the President learns that Christian relief workers have been jailed in Islamic northern Sudan while he welcomes his three headstrong daughters -- including the returning Zoey -- and is surprised to learn that his son-in-law wants to run for Congress in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, when the licenses of some doctors in Oregon are suspended after they administer drugs in an assisted suicide, Toby tries to keep the administration from being bogged down in a debate -- and clashes with Will when he tries to convince the Vice President to address the political hot potato.

The West Wing is being decorated for Christmas, including C.J., who is putting up a tree in her office. Toby comes in to comment on the statement that she will give at the briefing about the government being reopened. Carol comes in to tell C.J. that a local Oregon paper is looking for a comment on a doctor who provided narcotics to a patient to end their life.

In the Oval Office - C.J. is talking to Gus Westin about the tree lighting. The President leaves his meeting with Congressman Richter and heads for the Oval Office - Debbie greets him and tells him there is going to be a rehearsal, which Bartlet pushes back. He is still waiting for Ellie to arrive. He tells Debbie to find Nancy McNally.

Downstairs, the Bartlet girls are listening to carolers - C.J. is on the phone with nurses about her father - out on the lawn, the President brings his grandson outside to let him "flip the switch" on the tree.

Lex drives into a dark alley to meet Griff, who is being paid to do whatever Lex wants to destroy Jonathan in the race for State Senator. Lex hesitates and says that he wants 24 hours to decide if he wants to go down that path. As he heads for his car, he is mugged and shot, and left for dead in the street.

Lana says that it has been seven years since Lionel cut Lex out of the family fortune. He takes his son to go buy a Christmas tree. At the tree farm, Lex sees Clark and Chloe. Clark is now a full-fledged reporter at the Daily Planet and Chloe is publishing a book next month exposing LuthorCorp with Lex's help.

Beverly D'Angelo, who plays the level-headed wife, Ellen, opposite Chevy Chase's manic Clark W. Griswold in this 1989 film, was raised in Upper Arlington. The classic comedy has Clark trying to put on the best Griswold family Christmas ever, but things quickly go awry starting with the selection of their Christmas tree and escalate when his cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) arrives with his family.

The holidays are the time of year when kith and kin gather in cozy bungalows, bedecked with tinsel, lights, and of course, a huge fir tree. It's also the time of year when television writers of the murder mystery persuasion compete to see who can dazzle their audience best.

One of the many wonderful things about British TV is that many British TV shows make really great Christmas episodes. Rather than just throwing in a Christmas tree in some random episode that's sort of near the holiday, the major networks plan special programming for Christmas Day (and often, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day).

Part 1 of 6. Seven teams encounter their first Christmas challenge, which involves the worst present under the tree. Then, singer-songwriter Megan Nicole helps judge cakes fixed with a makeover for Santa Claus theme.

Betty is making steady progress in her new Weight Watchers program as Thanksgiving approaches. When she visits the Draper home, however, she accidentally and covertly sees the youthful Megan getting dressed. Later, while helping Sally on a family tree project, Betty finds a love note Don had written to Megan. The note reawakens feelings of bitterness and discontent, and Betty passive-aggressively tells Sally to include Don's first wife (Anna Draper) on the family tree. Sally is taken aback, as she was unaware of her father's secret wife. When Sally questions Betty about Anna, Betty snippily tells her to ask Megan.

With the aid of the town coroner, Mulder discovers a small splinter of fresh wood embedded in Mr. Baiocchi's neck. Mulder matches the fragment to the living tree outside the Baiocchi home. A short time later, the agents are approached by a man named Ramirez, who holds an axe at his side. He tells the agents that the trees are all dying because of a "bad man." Karin invites Lisa to stay at her home until her aunt can pick her up the following day. As Lisa listens from her bedroom, she overhears an argument between Karin and a male voice. A curious Lisa makes her way to the root cellar, where she discovers the body of a man. Terrified, Lisa turns towards the door, only to hear it slam shut. A dead bolt turns, locking her within. She hears the unidentified man's voice refer to her as "a snoop." Later, Karin tells the trapped Lisa she must remain quiet, or the unidentified man will hear her voice.

Mulder discovers that Karin's father was pulled from the mud of an orchard twenty years earlier. He finds it strange that Karin failed to mention the coincidence. Ramirez tells Mulder that Karin Matthew's father's death brought about an end of a blight affecting the trees. Karin attributes the tale to her father's stature, believing powerful men inspire fantasy. Later, Mulder digs up Mr. Matthews' casket. He finds the body missing but the casket full of roots. When Lisa's aunt, Linda, arrives at Karin's house, Karin informs her that Lisa left for a bus station. Before Linda drives off, Lisa smashes the glass of a window in the basement. Linda rushes to her niece's aid, but she is attacked and killed by an unseen force as tree branches sway in the wind above her. Later, Bobby tells Mulder that, as part of therapy, Karin made him pretend he was Phil and that, all along, he was never a really a victim.

Lisa hears the cellar door bolt slide. She stands up only to realize the unidentified male voice has been coming from Karin all along. Scully and Mulder search Karin's house, where they come upon the corpse Lisa discovered earlier in the root cellar. Mulder concludes the body is that of Karin's father. Karin locks the agents in the root cellar, but Mulder forces it open. They find Lisa frightened but unharmed in a corner of the kitchen. Mulder attempts to pursue an escaping Karin, but his car crashes into an enormous tree. Karin drives to the Rich residence, where she chases Bobby into the orchard. Suddenly, Bobby is dragged downward into the mud. While attempting to rescue the teenager, Mulder simultaneously encourages Karin to break the cycle and to fight the voice inside her head. But Karin is unable. A tendon-like root snakes out of the mud and drags Mulder downward. Ramirez appears, axe in hand, and decapitates Karin. Mulder and Bobby are released by the unseen force.

On a tipsy whim - and against Mike's wishes - Frankie decides to throw a Christmas Eve party at the house; Mike buys Frankie a much needed new dishwasher for Christmas, but has a hard time keeping it a secret when she begs him to replace the old one before the party; Sue calls on Reverend TimTom to explain the meaning of Christmas to Brick when he reads the Bible and begins to question it; and Axl gets annoyed with Bob when he tries too hard to be cool in order to befriend him while working together on a Christmas tree lot.

This was my absolute favorite Christmas with the Hecks for The Middle! Taking a page straight out of the Griswold family handbook, they hilariously chose a huge tree, that when they cut the cord in the house it broke out to break several picture frames on the walls. Physical comedy moments like this combined with a warm family ending to make this my favorite holiday episode of every show this season so far.

All of a sudden, the Christmas tree in the living room caught fire after the star on top blew a spark. Unaware that it was on fire, Danielle and Desiree continued to do gymnastics and Zita told them that they were doing really nice. Suddenly, the fire started making noise and flames were quickly spreading through the house, triggering the smoke alarm, followed by an explosion of glass. "We heard this big boom," said Danielle. They went upstairs and saw flames everywhere. "Danielle grabbed my hand and said, 'Mommy what are you doing? We need to get out.' I said, 'I don't know how. How are we going to get out,'" said Zita.

It begins when Slinkman takes the Camp Kidney campers up to Mount Whitehead for a nice view of a meteor shower. But when the Camp Kidney's bus tires all blow out after running over Christmas tree light bulbs (in July,) the campers decide to run out and enjoy the snow. But Lazlo, Raj, and Clam are surprised to find that up where they are, it's Christmas land! The Camp Kidney campers find a giant Christmas Tree with ornaments, candy canes, and they even see elves up there! But the biggest surprise is that they see a workshop there! Slinkman decides to knock on the door to see if they have a phone that he can use to call for a tire repair. 041b061a72

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