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[S14E6] Identity

Briscoe and Green question why the wife of a murder victim, Andy Hitchens, did not know he'd been made redundant more than 6 months ago. They learn he'd recently deposited $400,000 in a savings account - leading to the discovery that the deceased was involved in an identity theft scam. As a result, an elderly veteran named Lonnie Jackson lost his beloved house and is living in poverty. Lonnie is charged with murder but the weapon hasn't been found, putting the prosecution's case at risk.

[S14E6] Identity

  • This episode contains examples of: Asshole Victim: The deceased conned Lonnie, and likely others, out of money through internet fraud.

  • Con Man: Hitchens developed an online phishing scam after losing his job.

  • Double-Meaning Title: Both the identity fraud that formed the motive for murder, and Lonnie's sense of loss of who he really is.

  • Evil Old Folks: Although severely provoked, Lonnie evidently has no compunction about killing someone.

  • The Generation Gap: Referenced by Branch who says that when he was Southerlyn's age, Lonnie's 50-year-old son would have been considered the old man who should be in a retirement home.

  • Manipulative Bastard: Lonnie was able to find Hitchens by manipulating an employee of the internet provider into giving out personal information.

  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Lonnie, to the point where he's even addressed as Lonnie during his arraignment hearing. It's a plot point that Hitchens was able to steal Lonnie's identity because he knew via a phishing scheme that the full name is Longford.

  • Scatterbrained Senior: Subverted. Lonnie tries to fake this in his defence, but eventually his pride forces him to admit it's not true.

  • Screw Politeness, I'm a Senior!: Lonnie doesn't hesitate to let others know what he thinks of them when pushed.

"201" is the sixth episode of the fourteenth season of South Park, and the 201st overall episode of the series. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on April 21, 2010. The episode continued multiple storylines from the previous episode, "200", in which a group of angry celebrities demand South Park produce Muhammad. In "201", a superhero-like group of religious figures (The Super Best Friends) team up to save South Park from the celebrities and their monster Mecha-Streisand, while Eric Cartman learns the true identity of his father.

The episode opens and continues from "200" with Eric Cartman, as his hand-puppet persona Mitch Conner, narrating a flashback to Conner's 1972 medical discharge from his Vietnam War tour of duty in a parody of a scene from the film Apocalypse Now as the song "Time of the Season" by the Zombies plays in the background. Back in the present, Mr. Garrison refuses to reveal the identity of Cartman's father, and instead sends Cartman to Dr. Mephisto. Meanwhile, the Ginger Separatist Movement and the townsfolk are negotiating the handover of Muhammad when Mecha-Streisand begins to attack South Park, effectively killing off Pip Pirrup in the process. Muhammad, who is visually obscured throughout the entire episode by a black box superimposed with the word "CENSORED", is taken by Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick to Dr. Mephisto's lab. The Gingers arrive and take Muhammad and Cartman captive. The Super Best Friends are called to South Park to help; after their powers fail to subdue Mecha-Streisand, they pacify her by having Krishna adopt the form of Neil Diamond and providing her the opportunity to perform a duet with him.

The Gingers contact the celebrities and offer to share Muhammad in exchange for access to the celebrities' "goo transfer machine", which transfers Muhammad's power to remain free from ridicule to a target individual. Tom Cruise is the first subjected to the process, gaining a "CENSORED" box identical to Muhammad's, but further transfers are interrupted when the Super Best Friends arrive to free their comrade Muhammad. Meanwhile, Cartman is taken to the Ginger lair to meet Scott Tenorman, the Head Ginger. Depicted as a melodramatic madman, Scott has decorated his lair to represent the Chili Con-Carnival in which Cartman gained his revenge on Scott by tricking him into eating his own parents. Scott tells Cartman that Cartman's real father was a former offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos, and the inhabitants of South Park covered up his identity to protect the football team from the scandalous affair between him and Liane. He reveals to Cartman that they shared the same father, Jack Tenorman, meaning that by his act of revenge against Scott, Cartman orchestrated the death of his own father and fed him to his half-brother.

Part Two of the 200th episode joins up with Mitch Conner in Vietnam and after that ridiculous sequence, Conner ends up leading Cartman back to Mephisto's to learn his true identity. He discovers his father is actually Mr. Tennerman, a former Bronco and the man that he fed to his own half-brother. Cartman is devastated by the news... that he carries the ginger gene.

When a man is found murdered shortly after depositing almost $400,000 in his savings account, the investigation into the source of funds reveals that the victim ran an identity theft scam which left an elderly man homeless and impoverished.

But a lot of people don't realise this storyline had a follow-up. In the episode, The Great Louse Detective, Homer learns someone is trying to kill him. To help understand how a murderer thinks, Homer asks Sideshow Bob to help him deduce the potential killer's identity. In the end, Homer discovers his pursuer is Frank Grimes Jr., who's trying to murder Homer to avenge his father.

The story continues from "200" with a flashback of Mitch Conner in the Vietnam War, then it goes to the present time. Where Cartman is questioning Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat about his father's true identity, Mr. Garrison refuses to tell, so Cartman decides to go to Dr. Mephesto instead.

Michael Glatze (played by Franco) was a former writer for the gay men's magazine XY and founder of the magazine Young Gay America, which he launched with then-boyfriend Benjie Nycum (played by Zachary Quinto). After experiencing health issues in the mid-'00s, Glatze turned to Christianity and "saved" himself from homosexuality, married a woman (played by Emma Roberts) and established himself as a leader in the ex-gay movement, which he has since left. I Am Michael is based on the New York Times profile of Glatze, which details his life and change of identity and politics.

Those who underestimated Sideshow Bob were definitely shook by 'The Bob Next Door'. As the title suggests, Bob - who was once again released from prison - moved in next to the Simpsons and wore someone else's face to hide his true identity. 041b061a72


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