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Talking Angela 1.0.2 APK - A Fun and Interactive Game for All Ages

Seriously!? My talking Tom had everything! You could get everything, but it would take time and effort. But something's you NEED gems to get? You guys are truly greedy. Anywho, the game is fun, only 2 games at first is a bit boring. And the fact that she can't go potty is sad, like have her hum a tune (no pee noises please) while she goes. The game needs polishing, and maybe you could mash Talking Angela in here! I would love that. Great game! Happy to have a girl kitty pet now! Download My Talking Angela for iOS 6.0 or later

I would really really really want to play the old version of talking angela again (1.0.3) But, when I download the apk from apk here and it only downloaded I little bit of the obb, the reason is cuz the servers for the extra data are shutdown by outfit7, (READ THIS NEXT PART!) if someone had gave me 1.0.3 apk and obb with the extra data I could probably find a way to put it in the app, and also when I open the game it only shows the chat feature , fortune cookie button, face button, and i button. What I'm missing is the daily wheel spin where you get coins, the gift button and coat hanger button so, if anyone can please send me the 1.0.3 apk and obb + extra data (OR....) If you want you can also send me the 1.0.4 apk and obb + extra data.

talking angela 1.0 2 apk

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