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Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) Episode 8 !!BETTER!!

The Kyoto Principal visits the Tokyo Campus to discuss the upcoming Goodwill Event. Megumi and Nobara are suddenly confronted by rivals from their sister-school. Gojo takes it upon himself to challenge Principal Gakuganji and the jujutsu conservatives himself. Meanwhile, Yuji begins a new investigation.

Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) Episode 8


Gojo believes that Gakuganji is head of the jujutsu conservatives that had Yuji killed. As such he has little respect for the principal, prompting the student present, Kasumi Miwa, to urge Gojo to mind his manners, despite being a fan of his. Gojo reveals that unregistered special grade curses and students with high potential will surpass the status and traditions of the old jujutsu world. He believes that the coming age will surpass the special grade classification and they'll all be fighting to erase the old society. Gakuganji gets irritated with Gojo and he decides to leave after saying Yaga won't arrive for another two hours. Gakuganji asks Miwa for some tea, but she runs off to get a picture with Gojo. At the same time, Aoi is able to meet his favorite idol at the meet and greet event. 041b061a72


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