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Mirza Juuliet (2017) Full Movie in Hindi Mp4: A Review of the Film and Its Soundtrack

Mirza Juuliet Full Movie In Hindi Mp4 Download: A Modern Retelling of a Tragic Love Story

If you are looking for a romantic drama film that is inspired by a classic folk tale, you might want to check out Mirza Juuliet. This 2017 movie is a modern era retelling of the Mirza Sahiban story from Punjab, which is one of the four popular tragic romances of India. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Mirza Juuliet, including its plot, cast, crew, soundtrack, themes, messages, and how to download it in Hindi Mp4 format.

Mirza Juuliet Full Movie In Hindi Mp4 Download dammi messiah fumett

What is Mirza Juuliet?

Mirza Juuliet is a Hindi-language film that was released on April 7, 2017. It was directed by Rajesh Ram Singh and produced by Green Apple Media in association with Falansha Media Private Limited and Shemaroo Entertainment. It stars Darshan Kumar as Mirza and Pia Bajpai as Juliet, who belong to different communities and fall in love despite their families' opposition. The film also features Priyanshu Chatterjee, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Swanand Kirkire, Hemant Kumar, Yogendra Vikram Singh, Rashid Siddiqui, Reena Singh, Abhilash Narain, Ankita Dubey, and Rudra Singh in supporting roles.

The plot of Mirza Juuliet

The film is set in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, where Juliet Shukla (Pia Bajpai) is a feisty girl who bullies anything that moves. She is engaged to Dharamraj (Priyanshu Chatterjee), a powerful politician who is much older than her and has a violent temper. She is also pursued by Rajan (Chandan Roy Sanyal), a local goon who is obsessed with her. Juliet is unhappy with her life and longs for freedom and love.

Mirza (Darshan Kumar) is a simple guy who works as a delivery boy for his uncle's courier company. He is also an aspiring writer who loves to read poetry and novels. He belongs to a Muslim family that has a long-standing rivalry with Juliet's Hindu family. One day, he meets Juliet when he delivers a package to her house. He is instantly smitten by her beauty and personality. He starts following her and writing letters to her, expressing his feelings. Juliet initially ignores him, but gradually develops a friendship with him. She finds out that he is a talented writer and encourages him to pursue his passion.

Their friendship soon turns into love, but they face many obstacles from their families and society. Dharamraj and Rajan are against their relationship and try to harm them. Mirza and Juliet decide to elope and run away from their troubles. However, fate has other plans for them and they end up in a tragic situation that tests their love and loyalty.

The cast and crew of Mirza Juuliet

The film was helmed by Rajesh Ram Singh, who has previously directed TV shows like Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Chandragupta Maurya, and Mahabharat. He also co-wrote the screenplay of the film with Shanti Bhushan. The dialogues were penned by Shanti Bhushan and Sandeep Nath. The cinematography was done by Ajay Pandey and the editing was done by Amit Singh. The film was distributed by Shemaroo Entertainment.

The lead actors of the film, Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpai, delivered impressive performances as Mirza and Juliet. Darshan Kumar is known for his roles in films like NH10, Mary Kom, Sarbjit, and Baaghi 2. He portrayed Mirza as a simple, honest, and romantic guy who is willing to sacrifice everything for his love. Pia Bajpai is known for her roles in films like Laal Rang, Ko, Goa, and Rangam. She portrayed Juliet as a bold, rebellious, and spirited girl who is not afraid to speak her mind and follow her heart.

The supporting cast of the film also did a commendable job in their respective roles. Priyanshu Chatterjee played Dharamraj, the ruthless politician who is engaged to Juliet. He showed his villainous side with his menacing looks and dialogue delivery. Chandan Roy Sanyal played Rajan, the local goon who is obsessed with Juliet. He added some comic relief with his quirky mannerisms and expressions. Swanand Kirkire played Pandit Shukla, Juliet's father who is a priest and a politician. He portrayed his character's dilemma between his faith and his family with conviction.

The soundtrack of Mirza Juuliet

The music of the film was composed by Krsna Solo, who has previously composed songs for films like Tanu Weds Manu, Jolly LLB, Tamanchey, and Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana. The lyrics were written by Sandeep Nath, who has previously written songs for films like Saathiya, Sarkar Raj, Aashiqui 2, and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. The soundtrack of the film consists of six songs that suit the mood and theme of the film.

The songs are as follows:

Song Singer Duration ---- ------ -------- Tukda Tukda Asees Kaur 4:36 Muhabbat Ko Misuse Krsna Solo 3:24 Seene Mein Lagi Aag Javed Bashir 4:06 Teri Razamandi Javed Ali 4:43 Thodi Der Shreya Ghoshal & Farhan Saeed 4:56 Mirza Juuliet (Title Track) Krsna Solo & Pratibha Singh Baghel 3:30 The songs are a mix of romantic, sad, and upbeat tracks that capture the emotions of the characters and the audience. The song Tukda Tukda is a soulful melody that expresses the pain of separation and longing. The song Muhabbat Ko Misuse is a fun number that mocks the fake love and lust of the villains. The song Seene Mein Lagi Aag is a qawwali that depicts the passion and intensity of the lovers. The song Teri Razamandi is a sufi song that invokes the blessings of God for the lovers. The song Thodi Der is a duet that celebrates the moments of love and happiness between the lovers. The song Mirza Juuliet (Title Track) is a rock song that summarizes the story and theme of the film. b70169992d


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