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Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1 [FULL] [TESTED] [UPDATED]: How to Monitor and Manage Your Network Devices, Servers, Applications, and More

FULL Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1 torrent

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable network monitoring and management solution, you might want to check out Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1. This is the latest version of the award-winning software that helps you keep track of your network devices, servers, applications, traffic, virtualization, configuration, and more.


In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1, including its features, benefits, and how to download and install it using a torrent file. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about this software at the end of the article.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

Features of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1 is a comprehensive network monitoring and management software that comes with four different editions: Standard, Premium, Distributed, and MSP. Each edition has its own set of features and capabilities, depending on your network size and complexity. Here are some of the main features of each edition:

WhatsUp Gold Standard

This is the basic edition of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold that provides essential network monitoring and management functions, such as:

  • Discovery and mapping of network devices and topology

  • Monitoring of network availability, performance, and utilization

  • Alerting and reporting of network issues and events

  • Web-based dashboard and interface for easy access and configuration

  • Support for SNMP, WMI, SSH, Telnet, ICMP, and TCP protocols

  • Integration with Active Directory and LDAP for user authentication and authorization

WhatsUp Gold Premium

This is the most popular edition of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold that adds more advanced features and functionality to the Standard edition, such as:

  • Monitoring of servers, applications, services, processes, and scripts

  • Monitoring of wireless networks and devices

  • Monitoring of VoIP quality and performance

  • Monitoring of cloud resources and services (AWS, Azure, Office 365)

  • Monitoring of network traffic and bandwidth usage

  • Monitoring of virtualization environments (VMware, Hyper-V)

  • Monitoring of network configuration changes and compliance

  • Monitoring of network dependencies and relationships

  • Action policies and workflows for automated network management tasks

  • Customizable dashboards, views, reports, and alerts

  • Role-based access control and multi-user support

  • Support for SNMPv3, IPv6, SSL, SSHv2, HTTPS protocols

  • Support for over 200 plug-and-play monitors for various applications and devices

  • Ability to add plug-ins for additional features and functionality (see below)

WhatsUp Gold Distributed

This is the edition of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold that is designed for large-scale and distributed networks that span multiple locations and domains. It provides all the features of the Premium edition plus:

  • Distributed architecture that allows you to deploy remote probes and pollers across your network

  • Centralized console that allows you to manage all your probes and pollers from a single interface

  • Distributed reporting that allows you to aggregate data from multiple probes and pollers into a single report

  • Distributed alerting that allows you to send alerts from any probe or poller to any recipient or group

  • Distributed failover that allows you to automatically switch to a backup probe or poller in case of a failure

  • Distributed scalability that allows you to monitor up to 20,000 devices per installation

WhatsUp Gold MSP

This is the edition of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold that is tailored for managed service providers (MSPs) who need to monitor and manage multiple customer networks from a single platform. It provides all the features of the Distributed edition plus:

  • MSP licensing that allows you to pay per device per month instead of per installation per year

  • MSP branding that allows you to customize the look and feel of the software with your own logo and colors

  • MSP multi-tenancy that allows you to create separate accounts for each customer with their own dashboards, views, reports, alerts, etc.

  • MSP billing that allows you to generate invoices based on the number of devices monitored per customer per month

  • MSP integration that allows you to connect the software with your existing tools and systems (CRM, ticketing, billing, etc.)

As you can see, Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1 offers a lot of features and functionality for different network monitoring and management needs. But that's not all. You can also enhance the software with various plug-ins that add even more capabilities and value. Let's take a look at some of the most popular plug-ins for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1.

WhatsVirtual plug-in

This plug-in allows you to monitor and manage your virtualization environments, such as VMware and Hyper-V, from the same interface as your physical network devices. You can:

  • Discover and map your virtual hosts, guests, clusters, datastores, resource pools, etc.

  • Monitor the availability, performance, and utilization of your virtual resources