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[S14E5] Danger Zone

Megan and Owen are operating. She wants him to ditch Beth. Owen says they'll see. Owen says he was going to miss them working together. The flight surgeon training takes months and the job is three times more dangerous than this. He thinks she dodged a bullet. She asks if he recommended her, but the patient crashing saves him from answering on the spot. He says it wasn't his decision.

[S14E5] Danger Zone

In Iraq in 2007, Megan is waiting to hear back on stratification rankings. She needs to be number one to realise her dream of becoming flight surgeon. As she goes to wake up Nathan, she finds a necklace under a pile of clothes. He claims he intended to propose to her and chose for a necklace rather than a ring since she loses everything that is not attached to her. She accepts and shares the news with Teddy and Owen, but her happiness is quickly crushed when it is announced that she is not number one in the ranking. Megan thinks that Owen, her Commanding Officer, has recommended her, while he actually did the opposite in an attempt to protect her from the dangerous position. As multiple wounded soldiers come in after two of their Iraqi allies went rogue, the siblings end up operating on the same patient and Megan discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Teddy and Nathan operate together. Teddy knows Nathan cheated on Megan because she recognised the necklace as belonging to a woman named Felicia. He admits to cheating and she convinces him to tell Megan the truth since he really does want to marry her. This leads to a heated confrontation between the two, which is interrupted when Megan has to tend to Sana, one of her patients. When Megan tells Owen about Nathan cheating, he tells her to get away from Nathan and board the next evacuation helicopter with the patient, which is against protocol. At the same time, Teddy's patient informs her that the second shooter was actually an Iraqi woman, whom the Army doctors were previously told tried to wrestle the gun out of a man's hands. Teddy connects the dots but she's seconds too late to warn Megan, and can only watch the helicopter fly away. Distraught over both her brother's and Nathan's betrayal, Megan is distracted and does not notice Sana reaching for a gun, which would lead to Megan being kidnapped.

The Rig is a gritty-drama television with dark twists series brought to us by Amazon Prime. The show takes place at an offshore oil rig in the North Sea, where a crew of workers take care of operational matters. The series focuses on the lives of the workers, the dark secrets they hold and the dangers that come with working in the challenging environment of the oil rig. A broader theme in this drama focuses on the relationships among the crew and preventing conflicts whilst confined in a claustrophobic and solitary environment. If you like a psychological-thriller-style drama that keeps you guessing, this could be the perfect drama.

A storm is headed for the swamp. Daniel faces the tempest head-on. Ronnie braves dangerous lightning. Ashley tries to outrun the rain while Leron and Porkchop wade right in. Bruce gambles on heading south away from the rains.

Mermaid Radia is rested and ready for her destiny as a mermaid princess. She hears a call for help and swims into action. A merman needs help! Radia teleports him to the healing pool and performs a complete Enchantail reset magical medical procedure. There she learns more about his origins and the reason he was in danger, a megalodon attack. She leaves to investigate, but against her instructions he follows.

Radia, the mermaid princess, is teleported deep into the forest. A wolf is there to meet her. Apex shapeshifts and explains the situation. A sick wolf needs the volatile mermaid potion to survive. It is dangerous, but they have to try!

The mermaids learn that the Golden Mermaid fable has been brought to life and is in danger. Mermaid Radia remembers when Coral gave her the Golden Mermaid Doll. Then merman Apex helps her remember the cove where the Librarian spotted her. The cove is where the real live Golden Mermaid is trapped. Will Radia make it in time!?

In this episode, mermaid Radia finds the Golden Mermaid trapped on the beach. Radia uses her magical powers to return the Golden Mermaid back to her home. Then a dark charm ghost appears and reminds us that the mermaids are still in danger. Remember, in season 14 many charms were lost. The rest of the charms must be located and secured. Apex and Radia will have to visit a few friends of the mermaids to gain insight into the charms locations. Wish them luck as they persevere and find the charms! 041b061a72


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