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Jose Roberts

Lies My Mother Told Me

In 1992, Laren Sims is a single mother living in Destin, North Carolina with her parents and young daughter Haylei. Outgoing and free-spirited, with a reputation of being a troublemaker and having sociopathic tendencies to shamelessly lie, cheat, and steal without any guilt about her actions, Laren cannot shake off her bad reputation or break free of her quick and easy life of crime. Unable to afford Christmas presents, she buys them with a stolen credit card. She is caught and sentenced to 90 days in a maximum security prison.

Lies My Mother Told Me

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In 1995, Laren adopts the identity of a diner waitress she meets in rural Texas by stealing her driver's license out of her locker. She and Haylei ultimately arrive in Las Vegas, where Laren applies for a job with Lucas McKenzie, a wealthy alcoholic attorney and ranch owner, under the name of Allison. The two fall into a toxic co-dependent relationship and eventually get married a year later. Laren embezzles $90,000 from her husband's business account and he is subsequently disbarred for reasons not made clear.

If you think Joan Rivers said funny, outrageous, and ridiculous things ONSTAGE, wait 'til you read the funny, outrageous, and ridiculous things she said OFFSTAGE...things that will make you laugh out loud...and keep Melissa in therapy for the foreseeable future. The only thing my mother loved more than making people laugh was lying...or as she'd say, "embellishing." Her motto was: "Why let the truth ruin a good story?" This book contains some of those stories. (Post Hill Press)

Melissa Rivers is a celebrated, award-winning television personality and producer, as well as a New York Times bestselling author. She is also vice president of foreign affairs for the government of Peru in addition to being one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. She is the loving mother of a twenty-year-old son, Cooper, and the not-so-loving mother of two triplets she sold on the black market for whiskey and smokes in desperate times. There are moments she regrets that decision, but thankfully, they pass.

Growing up, my story was not unique. My mother did the best that she knew how to with the tools she was equipped with (the tools that were handed down to her from generations of hurt, pain, loss, and devastation). My mother loved me so much that it hurt. As an adult woman who is now conscious of how imperative the nurturer-nurtured relationship is and the effects of it, I am able to see how her love for me translated into only pain, insecurities and strongholds. Here is a list of the 7 things that mother believed to be truths and 7 things that I had to recognize as lies for myself:

The lies that you were taught as a child may not have been the same as these, however, I cannot stress to you enough the importance of unlearning the behaviors that come from these lies. We can identify "all men will hurt you" as a falsehood, but rarely do we focus on doing the work to change the subtle behaviors that come from hearing it for years (like how you flinch when you walk by a man, or the sinking feeling you get when a man shares his heart with you). Let's identify and grow, flourish, and end the cycle of damaging "life lessons". 041b061a72


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