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Over The Hedge(2006)

Worried, Verne tries to return the food to avoid Dwayne. RJ tries to stop him, but the food ends up destroyed due to an encounter with the excitable dog Nugent. Verne tries to convince the family to not listen to RJ, but inadvertently calls them stupid and naive, and they leave him in favor of RJ. That night, Gladys has Dwayne cover her yard in animal traps, including a contraband device called the De-Pelter Turbo which turns the entire yard into a death trap when activated.

Over the Hedge(2006)

Verne apologizes to RJ for his actions and reconciles with the other animals. On the night before the moon is full, RJ sees that Gladys has bought a massive stockpile of food and enlists the help of the animals to invade her home and steal it. Hammy successfully disables the De-Pelter Turbo while Stella steals the collar of Gladys' Persian cat Tiger, which enables entry into the house's pet door, by posing as a cat and seducing him. The animals stockpile another wagon full of food, but right as they are about to leave at sunrise, RJ sees a can of chips called Spuddies and becomes determined to get them, as Vincent specifically requested them. While trying to justify his effort to get the chips, RJ lets slip his true intentions for the food. At the same time, Gladys comes downstairs and discovers the animals, much to her horror. RJ manages to escape with the food, while the others are captured by Dwayne, who takes them away in his truck to dispose of them.

RJ gives the food to Vincent as promised, but as he sees the exterminator truck driving off, he feels remorse for his actions. Determined to save them, RJ sends the food wagon careening into the car, knocking out Dwayne and freeing the animals, though enraging Vincent. The porcupine triplets commandeer the van and drive it back home with their video-game skills, and RJ rejoins the family after Verne convinces the others to forgive him. They crash the truck into Gladys' home and return to the hedge, but are attacked from both sides of it by Vincent, Gladys, and Dwayne. RJ manages to come up with a plan. He gives Hammy an energy drink, making the squirrel hyperactive enough to move at warp speed, which he uses to go and reactivate the De-Pelter Turbo, and RJ lures Vincent into leaping over the hedge to get him. But he puts on Verne's shell, protecting him from Vincent's jaws, and Verne pulls him out with a fishing line. Vincent, Gladys, and Dwayne are caught in the De-Pelter Turbo, resulting in them being blasted with a massive dose of radiation (which somehow manages to be seen in the observable universe) and trapped in a cage left in the ensuing crater.

The soundtrack for the film was released on May 16, 2006, by Epic Records. Rupert Gregson-Williams composed the original score, while Hans Zimmer served as an executive music producer and Ben Folds contributed three original songs, along with a rewrite of his song "Rockin' the Suburbs" and a cover of The Clash's "Lost in the Supermarket."[15]

On opening weekend, the film was in second place to The Da Vinci Code,[30] but its gross of $38,457,003 did not quite live up to DreamWorks Animation's other titles released over the past few years.[31] The film had a per-theater average of $9,474 from 4,059 theaters.[31] In its second weekend, the film dropped 30% to $27,063,774 for a $6,612 average from an expanded 4,093 theaters and finishing third,[31] behind X-Men: The Last Stand and The Da Vinci Code.[32] Since it was Memorial Day Weekend, the film grossed a total of $35,322,115 over the four-day weekend, resulting in only an 8% slide.[33] In its third weekend, the film held well with a 24% drop to $20,647,284 and once again placing in third behind The Break-Up and X-Men: The Last Stand, for a $5,170 average from 3,993 theaters.[34] The film closed on September 4, 2006, after 112 days of release, grossing $155,019,340 in the United States and Canada, along with $180,983,656 internationally for a worldwide total of $336,002,996,[3] against a production budget of $80 million.[4]

These animals once ate leaves and roots and things, but all that has changed since Hammy the squirrel (Steve Carell) discovered nacho chips. The animals find these so delicious, they are the forest equivalent of manna, and RJ, who usurps leadership of the bunch from Verne the turtle (Garry Shandling), is happy to lead them to the promised land of nachos and other junk foods, in the garbage cans and kitchens of humans.

The film takes place in Chesterton, Indiana, far from the Chicago's metropolitan area.While foraging for food, RJ encounters Vincent and his large cache of food. RJ tries to steal it, but instead accidentally wakes up Vincent and makes the food be crushed in traffic on a nearby road. Vincent threatens to kill RJ, but RJ quickly promises to replace his food stocks within the week, when Vincent is fully awake from his hibernation. Vincent lets RJ go as he returns to his cave. RJ discovers the El Rancho Camelot, a nearby human suburban community, an optimal source for his task, and encounters a group of woodland animals that have just woken up from their own hibernation in undeveloped forest that is surrounded by the community. The group is led by Verne, and it includes Hammy, Stella, Ozzie and Heather, Lou and Penny, and their kids Bucky, Quillo and Spike. The animals quickly find that a large hedge was put in place while they were sleeping to separate them from the rest of the human development and are afraid to venture on the other side.

RJ uses the opportunity to introduce himself to the group and explain that they could have better food by scavenging off the humans. Though Verne is wary of RJ's plans and believes he may be using them, the group of animals quickly find that RJ is right, and begin raiding the human development repeatedly for food. The disappearance of food does not go unnoticed, and the development homeowner association president Gladys Sharp calls in the help of the pest control specialist Dwayne LaFontant, who installs an overpowered extermination system in her backyard while trying to track down all the animals in the world. Despite close calls with Dwayne, the group of animals continues to gather food from the humans, RJ secretly making sure the food collected will replace Vincent's stock exactly. RJ is brought in as part of the pack's extended family, making him feel guilty about hiding his true intentions from them. When RJ tries to approach Verne about it, he cannot help but lie about the situation.

A final raid planned by RJ before Vincent's deadline involves invading Gladys' home, which requires someone to distract her pet Persian cat Tiger; Stella is quickly groomed to look like a cat to draw Tiger's attention away. Though they are able to collect most of the food in the kitchen, RJ inadvertently reveals the truth to Verne as he tries to get a can of Spuddies (which are Vincent's favorites). During their argument, the animals are soon discovered by Gladys and Dwayne; though RJ gets away, the other animals are all captured. RJ takes the food to Vincent; however, upon seeing the other animals captured, uses the food to stop Dwayne's van and knock the human unconscious, allowing RJ to free the animals. After apologizing for using the group to his own ends, RJ helps the others drive the van back to the forest, all the while chased by Vincent who floated on helium balloons, a jester and a knight on a horse. The animals take shelter in the hedge, with Vincent furiously trying to claw them out from one side and Gladys trying to use her weed hacker on them and Dwayne trying to shock them with his cattle prod from the other side.

Desperate to stop Vincent, RJ and Verne come up with a plan to give Hammy an energy drink, which makes him move at light speed and slow time. This allows him to safely activate the extermination traps while RJ uses himself as bait to lure Vincent into Gladys' backyard (and surprisingly lives because of Verne's shell). Vincent, Gladys, and Dwayne are momentarily confused just before they are seriously stung by the Depelter Turbo, which Dwayne had first warned them about and told them to prepare to get severely stung. Then they did, The Depelter Turbo burned off Glady's pajama pants on her left leg past the knee. Some burnt melt holes on her right leg. Her right arm sleeve burnt all the way off, and her left arm sleeve burnt a little off the forearm, all her hair except some. Her slippers were not burnt. Dwayne's uniform had both his sleeves burnt off past the elbow. But some burnt melt marks on his right pant leg. Some of Vincent's fur had been burnt off. After the animals celebrate their victory, Verne tells RJ to take off his shell and give it back (which he does). Soon, animal control is called to take Vincent back to the Rocky Mountains while Gladys is arrested for the use of inhumane traps and Dwayne for being affiliated with Gladys; however, she tries to put the blame on Dwayne by saying he sold the Depelter Turbo to her and that the situation has nothing to do with her. When the officer shows her proof by saying that the trap was in her yard and her name was on the contract, Gladys insists it isn't her fault and orders to be let go since she is the president of the Home Owners Association. Punching the police officer across the face and knocking him down, Gladys tries to get away, but starts to fight the officers (thus landing her in more trouble). While this is happening, Dwayne tells the officers to get Gladys, then quietly slips away and climbs over a fence, only to step on a squeaky toy and get bitten in the leg by Nugent.

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Over the Hedge is a computer-animated film based on the popular comic strip of the same name. A satirical look at suburbia, the comic strip usually discussed pertinent issues involving a sly raccoon RJ, a cautious turtle, Verne, and a slew of supporting characters. In the feature film, we see how RJ and Verne & Co. all came together: RJ (voiced by Bruce Willis) accidentally destroys Vincent the bear\'s (Nick Nolte) stash of food for post-hibernation. He is then ordered to recover every single item within two weeks - or else Vincent will eat him. Meanwhile, Verne (Gary Shandling) and his "family" (consisting of other woodland creatures) awake from their hibernation only to discover that the woods they live in has been developed into a sprawling suburban hell. RJ encounters the group, and formulates a plan to exploit them to get the items on Vincent\'s list. But in the process, he might come to discover that being independent isn\'t all it\'s cracked up to be, and having a family can enrich one\'s soul. 041b061a72


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