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Soul Knight Prequel Beta APK: How to Join the Pixel RPG Adventure

Soul Knight Prequel takes place before the era of Soul Knight. We can call it a prequel to Soul Knight. In this period, high technology was not common, but rather primitive weapons and magic. In the game, players will meet friends who appeared in Soul Knight and go on long adventures together. You will fight to find the order of the knights and restore the peace of the soul continent.

soul knight prequel beta apk

Go through the level after level, upgrade your skills, collect money and souls that will help you unlock new knights, warriors and paladins. You are waiting for several unique heroes with different characteristics and abilities to choose from, 120 types of weapons for ranged and melee combat, a well-developed system of character upgrades and leveling, random level generation, a great mix of shooter mechanics, roleplay and timekiller, as well as simple controls, but complex gameplay.

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