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Dental pulp is a type of connective tissue found within the hard tissues (dentine and enamel) of the teeth. When exposed to damage such as caries or tooth fracture, dental pulp is at risk of infection, which can lead to pain, necrosis, and infection of the jaw bone and surrounding tissues. Currently in permanent teeth (secondary dentition), root canal (usually compromised of a pulpectomy [removal of the vital pulp in the tooth], refilling with synthetic material, and sealing), is the most common treatment for infected pulp.

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Now that we've seen a few of the content descriptors that often make games go from tame to Mature 17+, we can see why almost every game is rated maturely. If your character is walking along and stubs his toe on a desk and yells, "Shit!" ESRB jumps on it and says, "That has to be mature! He swore!" In the long run it's parents that push the ESRB to rate more harshly. This generation of children has seen more protection than any generation in the history of mankind. At this rate the next generation will come out of the womb and enter directly into a big plastic bubble for the first 20 years of their lives.

The ESRB has rated countless games Mature 17+. What has that done for the industry? Nearly every anticipated game of 2016 will be rated maturely, meaning younger gamers need not apply. We might as well move video games into the adult store next to the sex toys and the cigarettes.

If people were to abide by the rules the only system anyone with kids would have is the Wii U being the only system that can hold an Everyone rating on most games. Essentially, every other game on every other console/system being rated mature is what keeps Nintendo in business by having the only "family friendly consoles."

ADHD symptoms in adults are more subtle and harder to catch than symptoms of ADHD in kids. Pediatric behavioral health specialist Michael Manos, PhD, explains how to spot and manage symptoms of adult ADHD and when to know how these symptoms are in fact a problem you should address.

At 20 I graduated with a 2:1 BSc in Human Biology from a top 50 Uni, then achieved a Merit MRes in Functional Genomics from a top 10 Uni. I pretty much went straight into industry working on lentiviral vectors for gene therapy treatments; however, after three months I was running low on money, having a pretty hard time at home and this all affected my work so left the company after 3 months.

I'm definitely applying for it but wanted to understand how an application from a 27 year old with this history might be received. Essentially - what positives and negatives can you see from a mature application?

I feel like I have a good chance. I've got (old) experience in a related field; I'm more mature than a freshly graduated student; I have a lot of skill useful for promoting the groups work and teaching classes; and I'm used to working long hours in a results driven environment, dealing with rejection but making things happen - especially racking through large amounts of work based on personal plans and goals. This is all in a legitimate way rather than a lip-service way.

I can't speak for any PhD program other than my own, but can I just say that I have a really hard time thinking of 27 as 'mature'? FWIW, I didn't even get a BS until my mid-30s, and spent enough years in industry to become financially independent before pursuing a PhD. Had no problems whatsoever* getting into the program.

"It can be very easy for people to dismiss the emotional challenges that come along with growing up as a girl, and say, 'Oh, it's just that age; it's what everyone goes through,'" says Jane Mendle, an author of the study and associate professor of human development. "But not everyone goes through it, and it's not just 'that age.' And it's not trivial. It puts these girls on a path from which it is hard to deviate."

Girls who experience puberty earlier than their peers are at risk for mental health problems as teenagers because there's such a mismatch between how they look and their emotional and cognitive maturity. "What's tricky is because they look older, they start to get treated like they're older. But they still have the internal mental workings of their normal chronological age," Mendle says. Parents tend to grant them more autonomy. They tend to be the targets of sexual harassment and rumors at school. And it can be hard for these girls to maintain their friendships with others who are maturing at a different rate, she adds. "It's that cumulative effect."

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The impact of winter deer (Odocoileus virginianus) browsing on apple production was studied in three commercial orchards in southwestern Wisconsin. Estimates of the proportion of apple buds available to deer, the percentage of available buds browsed, and the apple production were obtained for about 500 sample trees in 1975 and 1976. The accuracy and precision of estimation procedures were evaluated, and the relationship between browsing and production was analyzed. The availability of apple buds to browsing deer was primarily a function of the size and shape of the apple trees. Visual and photographic appraisal indicated that ellipsoids best described the shapes of apple tree crowns, so the proportion of buds available was calculated from equations for ellipsoid volumes for each tree. Good estimates of proportions of available buds browsed were obtained from bud and nip counts on a 2.5 percent sample of the trees, and subjective estimates of the proportion of available buds browsed were correlated with proportions calculated from the actual counts. Multiple regression analyses suggested that the degree of browsing was related to the cultivar, size, and location of the apple trees. In the orchards studied, 34 and 10 percent of the growing points were removed by deer in 1975 and 1976, respectively. Analyses indicated that deer browsing decreased apple production on size-controlled (dwarf and semidwarf) trees, but not on standard sized trees. Two methods of evaluating deer damage are proposed. The first method uses realized production figures and estimates of the percentage of the orchard browsed, whereas the second method requires only an estimate of buds browsed in the damaged areas to predict production loss.

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