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[S1E6] Press Gang [PATCHED]

Dushane and Sully are sat in the car, they were talking about what happened to their crew after they got fatally wounded. Haze makes his way to the pick up. Haze tells Dushane that he is going to drop Dushane 20 kilos and reminds Dushane about promising Sugar that he will sell drugs all over London as he is in a middle of a drug war. Dushane picks up his shipment and goes back to his car with Sully. Sully reminds Dushane that Jamie needs to be dealt with ASAP in order to save his cousin Donovan from the Jamaican gangsters.

[S1E6] Press Gang

Dushane and Sully walk through the Summerhouse market to meet up with Dris. Dushane tells Dris that 20 kilos have to be sold by the end of the month. Dris tells him that they are not gonna move 20 kilos by the end of the month because of Jamie controlling the other gangs with his supplies. Jaq walks over, she tells Dushane, Sully and Dris that Romy is in hospital and able to come out of hospital in a few days. Jaq then tells the crew that half the youngers are scared to come out because the acid incident. Dris and Jaq start arguing and Dushane tells them both to drop their attitude and find more youngers. Dushane tells Jaq to get Kieron and recruit more youngers. Sully tells Dushane that he has to go because he has Jason's funeral to attend to and makes his way. Dushane and Dris go off to get some food.

Some of the team are "star pupils", but others have reputations for delinquency. One such pupil, Spike Thomson (Dexter Fletcher), is forced to work on the paper rather than be expelled from school. He is immediately attracted to editor Lynda Day (Julia Sawalha), but they bicker, throwing one-liners at each other. Their relationship develops and they have an on-off relationship.[4] They regularly discuss their feelings, especially in the concluding episodes of each series. In the final episode of the third series, "Holding On", Spike unwittingly expresses his strong feelings to Lynda while being taped.[5] Jealous of his American girlfriend, Zoe, Lynda puts the cassette on Zoe's personal stereo, ruining their relationship. The on-screen chemistry between the two leads was reflected off-screen as they became an item for several years.[6][7]

The theme music was composed by Peter Davis (who after the second series composed the rest of the series alone as principal composer), John Mealing and John G. Perry.[28] The opening titles show the main characters striking a pose, with the name of the respective actor in a typewriter style typeface. Steven Moffat and Julia Sawalha were not very impressed with the opening titles when discussing them for a DVD commentary in 2004.[6] They were re-recorded for series three, in the same style, to address the actors' ages and alterations to the set.

Afterward, Jamie meets his connect, Lizzy, in a clandestine spot; she is concerned about the acid attacks though he replies saying he took her advice: not eliminate but scare away and incorporate the rival gang. Lizzie also refuses his advances, saying that their affair was a one-time thing. She believes Jamie is looking for a mother figure in her. He assures her the gang was is under control.

After Garrett read that article aloud, Billy played a sad song on his fiddle. But it's clear that something snapped inside of Billy when he killed Ortiz in Mexico. He was slowly becoming the heartless villain that the press depicted him to be.

The inmates start a gang-based fight in Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 6, "Every Feather," with dozens of participants. Looking on from the tower, the young guard who beat up an inmate in the series premiere sounds the alarm and fires tear gas at the brawlers. After some warning bullets from a rifle, three inmates remain standing -- two of whom are stabbing a third. The guard shoots to kill... but hits the stabbed and dying inmate instead of any of the aggressors.

Duke -- whose gang started the fight -- is Mike's next stop, and he also tells the Mayor that the guards need to drop the lockdown. Like Bunny, Duke also promises to exact retribution outside of the prison, threatening to attack guards in their own homes. When Mike tells the guards that the gangs are ready to declare war if they don't lift the lockdown, they claim that they cannot bend and have to keep pushing.

Mac and Dennis round up some homeless men and take them to the funeral, paying them to pretend they are Lional's friends. Dennis impresses Rebecca by telling her he has a eulogy prepared. An angry Mac gets a phone call, and Dennis makes him look foolish for not turning his phone off. He answers, and Charlie tells him there is an emergency.

The gang are running out of options. The police are getting closer, watching the cafe night and day. And Ma McTavish is breathing down Mick's neck wanting her share of the gold. The gang have nowhere to turn. It might be time to make a run for it - but how? Well Albert has a plan. And it just might work ...

Walt receives treatment at the cancer clinic, convincing Skyler to leave him. Before departing, Skyler expresses concern that the check promised to them by Elliott has not been received. Walt falsely claims that he has deposited Elliott's check, but later asks the clinic's clerk not to deposit his own check until Monday.

Meanwhile, Gomez meets Hank in the parking lot of the Express Inn and hands him the gas mask that was discovered at Walt's original cook site. The crime lab report indicates the gas mask comes from Walt's high school.

Across town, Tuco tries some of Walt and Jesse's meth and, impressed, is eager to buy it. Jesse names his price as $35,000, but Tuco tells him he's running a "consignment operation" so Jesse will have to wait. When Jesse demands the money up front and attempts to flee with the meth, he is quickly caught by Tuco's henchmen. Tuco puts some money in a canvas bag, but ends up savagely beating Jesse.

The next morning, upon finding more clumps of hair falling out, Walt shaves his head completely. Carrying a bag of what appears to be crystal meth, Walt talks his way into Tuco's hideout. Upon meeting Tuco, Walt identifies himself as "Heisenberg" and demands $50,000, equivalent to $35,000 for the stolen meth, plus $15,000 for Jesse's pain-and-suffering. Tuco and his gang laugh openly at Heisenberg's "brilliant plan", responding to Tuco's theft and assault on Jesse by bringing him even more meth to steal. Walt picks up a crystalline nugget from the bag and calmly informs Tuco, "this is not meth," and hurls it to the floor. The ensuing explosion blows out the windows in Tuco's office, sending debris falling onto the street below.

Inspector Campbell ensures that certain areas will be free of policemen so the two gangs aren't interrupted and can kill each other off. Sergeant Moss is upset with him because he had been excited that Campbell wanted to clear out corruption, but he's just as corrupt.

The Peaky Blinders and Billy Kimber's gang face off on Garrison Lane, but before they can begin fighting Ada arrives with her infant son Karl and stands directly between the opposing gangs. She tries to convince them not to fight, urging all the men to think of their own wives and children that they'd be leaving behind if they were to die over this feud. Billy Kimber appears to back down, but suddenly draws his gun and shoots Thomas. Danny leaps forward to defend him, and Kimber shoots him too, killing him. Thomas shoots Kimber in the head and declares that the fight is over, ordering Kimber's men to leave. They take Billy Kimber's body and go.

The gang notice that there's something strange going on in the town; local teenagers have stopped getting drunk, taking drugs, or having sex etc. And it looks like it's all down to a cult-like organisation called 'Virtue', run by Rachel, a mysterious girl with a commanding storm-based power of suggestion.

The students of Sunnydale High are on a field trip, this time to the Sunnydale Zoo. Buffy is confronted by a group of bullies that pick on her because she was kicked out of her old school and her violent tendencies that started it. The group then targets another student, Lance, likening a visit to the zoo as a family reunion to him. When Principal Flutie interrupts, Lance doesn't denounce them, so they decide to include him in their exploration of the off-limits hyena exhibit. Buffy is met with Xander and Willow who express their enjoyment at the zoo while Buffy doesn't find it so as it was done at her old school. Xander reminds her that going to the zoo is not only fun for seeing animals, but for missing school. Buffy then changes her mind.

At the exhibit, the male half of the bully gang try to throw Lance into the pit where the vicious hyena is. Xander comes just in time and saves Lance. They are standing on a tribal hyena symbol, save for Lance. The group turns to him, laughing as Lance flees.

Willow then announces someone has just arrived, Buffy looks in the hope that it is Angel but it turns out to just be Xander. Xander is acting strangely and takes some of Buffy's food without asking, growing very hungry and is not impressed with Buffy's croissant. He also takes notice that Buffy has bathed, to which she replies that she regularly does. They see the bullies from the zoo making fun of someone a table away and Xander laughs at their cruel joke.

The crew now starts to see things that cannot be there. Worf is at his station when he suddenly sees a Klingon targ in front of him, his childhood pet. Yar also sees it but it disappears just as quickly. Then she sees her pet cat and is back on the colony where she grew up, trying to avoid a rape gang. La Forge touches her, and she snaps out of it. When the turbolift doors open, Picard almost steps out into open space before throwing himself back inside. The doors open again, and he goes into a corridor. He meets two crewmen running away from some unseen pursuer. Further down the corridor, he sees an ensign in a cargo bay dancing ballet while elsewhere, another crewman is performing the first movement of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with a baroque-looking string quartet. 041b061a72

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